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It’s been a long time since things felt okay.

You feel controlled by your emotions, overwhelmed by the pressure to produce and accomplish what you have set out of yourself in life. This has snowballed into a constant sense of anxiety, stress, and burnout.

Maybe you feel like you’re never doing enough for your family, company, or employees.

Worries about the state of things keep you up at night. You just can’t seem to turn your brain off.

Things can be different than they are today.

Feel better – truly better – by understanding the connections between your past and present. I help adults,Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and busy professionals achieve the calmness, healing, and confidence they’ve been looking for.

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It is possible to confront imposter syndrome, restore balance, and embrace progress over perfection.

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Individual Therapy

Helping women achieve a sense of healing, calmness, and confidence in their lives and relationships.

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Trauma Therapy

Deep processing to heal past wounds. I specialize in CPTSD to help with the most complex experiences.

Hello! I’m Nicolette!

Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health Services Provider & Mindset Coach

I’m not your typical “how does that make you feel?” therapist. I am real, authentic, and straight forward. My clients get to show up exactly as they are because I do the same. I provide a warm, safe, and judgement free environment that welcomes all parts of you to show up. But I will also be upfront with you and call out unhelpful patterns that keep you stuck. When you work with me, you’ll most likely find me with a cup of coffee, legs pulled up in my chair, and ready to talk about the shit no one else knows you’re dealing with. You and your story will never be too much for me.

I am located in the metro-Nashville area and I am able to provide therapy virtually throughout Tennessee!


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