Trauma Therapy Online in Tennessee

You are not what’s happened to you

Are you tired of feeling broken or like there’s something wrong with you?

You don’t understand or recognize yourself.

You’re suspicious of other people and have a hard time feeling close to anyone.

You’re struggling with being fully present, often dissociating or overall feeling numb.

Your feelings can change out of nowhere. One minute you feel normal or numbed out and the next you’re hit with a wave of emotion that feels like a flash flood.

You’re tired of walking on eggshells around others, and going above and beyond to please others who don’t even treat you well.

You’re experiencing the pain of living a life where your trauma is behind you, yet your trauma symptoms are with you every single day.

You find yourself constantly on edge in your relationships.
Seasonal and Hallmark holidays celebrating parents are difficult because you’re balancing the boundaries you’ve put in place for your own sake and the constant pressure to spend time with and celebrate your family.

You’re overextending yourself to be “nice” and accommodating towards others, but also feeling exhausted from carrying the brunt of the responsibility in your relationships – always doing the reaching out, always doing the planning of the hang outs.

Similarly, you often think about setting boundaries in your relationships, but you’re afraid of hurting others’ feelings or making them mad for even one moment. Worse yet, you worry others will push you away if you do make your needs known.

You’ve gotten so used to making yourself and your needs small in your relationships. You’re simultaneously not surprised and completely let down when others don’t get you or don’t show up for you. You might feel stuck between a desire to create some kind of change and thoughts of “it doesn’t even matter.”

Your needs do matter.

It may feel impossible now, but you can feel whole again (or for the first time). You can have a great relationship with yourself and chosen others. You can put trauma behind you. And I can help you get there.

Areas of Expertise

Complex Trauma (CPTSD)

A series of events that occur/occurred repeatedly over time, such as: childhood abuse/neglect, domestic violence, abuse of any kind, chronic neglect, abandonment, or gaslighting.

Relational Trauma

Ongoing events within a close relationship, such as: abuse of any kind, neglect, enmeshment, sexual harrassment/non-consensual sexual experiences, discrimination/oppression, bullying.

Attachment/Childhood Trauma

Events during childhood such as: parental divorce, controlling parent(s), physically/emotionally unavailable parent, parent with mental health difficulties or poor boundaries. Adult children of alcoholics (ACOA), children of emotionally immature parents, generational trauma.

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